Burgers Everywhere

One common food item I seem to see everywhere I travel are hamburgers. From London, to Mexico and cruise ships, burgers are everywhere. It seems the iconic hamburger is a staple where ever you go. Of course there are variations with local flair just like at home.Here we have the Bingo burger infused with Pueblo green chili, in London you might find the duck burger or venison burger to your liking. Variations can be the meat, the condiments and the local toppings. How about a Dominican Chimichuri burger or a Tortas Hamburguesa from Mexico. The state of New Mexico offers up their famous green chili cheese burgher (which you can even get at McDonald’s) and the newest trend in Albuquerque is the Taco Burger.

Sail on a Carnival cruise ship and you will likely find Guy’s Burger Bar, a creation of Carnival anf Guy Fieri from the TV show Diners, Dives and Drive Inns. They feature the Bacon Burger, a burger with as much bacon as beef. This might be the best burgers at sea.

So wherever you are traveling, you needn’t worry that you may not like the food because you can always find a burger joint. And if burgers are not your fancy, ask me to tell you about the popularity of Fried Chicken around the world.

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